In 1873, the City and County Hospital opened, followed in 1891 by the Ancker School of Nursing. City and County Hospital was one of the first in the country to have onsite residences and training for nurses. The whole complex, located at Jefferson Avenue and Colbourne Street, was renamed Ancker Hospital in 1923. In 1965, Ancker Hospital was replaced by Regions Hospital.

In 1971, the Helping Hand Health Center, under Dr. Tim Rumsey, carried on a community-based clinic in a holistic health mode. Evolving in 1992 to United Family Practice Health Center, it started the United Family Medical (UFM) Residency Program, providing medical education and training in family medicine with a focus on rural and under-served populations’ health needs. In its 2009 facility at Randolph and West 7th, the Peter J. King Family Health Center, UFM continues its mission: to serve and to teach.