Egil and Rachel Boeckmann House 366 Summit Avenue

Previously on the site where 366 Summit Avenue stands today, stood a large mansion built for Daniel and Helen Noyes. Daniel Noyes was involved in the wholesale drug firm of “Noyes Brothers and Cutler”, where he worked with his two brothers Charles P. Noyes and Winthrop G. Noyes, and Edward H. Cutler. Daniel was born in Connecticut on November 10th, 1836, and came to Saint Paul in the 1850’s, where he started work as a clerk in a drug store. He married Helen Gilman on December 4th, 1866, and together they had one child. In 1882 he started work on a $20,000 home on Summit Avenue, and lived there until his death on April 13th, 1908. His house was demolished in 1924.

The house today at 366 Summit Avenue was built in 1930 for Egil and Rachel Boeckmann. Constructed for a cost of $125,000, the home is Georgian Revival in style, and was likely built with Hill family money, as Rachel was the daughter of the railroad builder, James J. Hill. Egil Boeckmann was born in Norway on December 31st, 1881. His father Edward was a prominent physician, and visited the United States in 1882. After becoming enamored with the Norwegian settlements in the Midwest, in 1886 he moved his family to there, and settled in Saint Paul. By 1896 the family was living at 496 Marshall Avenue, where they stayed until the 1940’s.

Egil gained national fame as a star football player for the University of Minnesota. After college he followed his father in business and became a physician. He moved out of his family’s home on Marhsall Avenue in the early 1910’s, and on January 30th, 1913 he married Rachel Hill. Rachel was born in May of 1881 in Saint Paul, and was one of seven children. After Egil and Rachel married, they moved to 505 Summit Avenue, and Egil became a member of the state’s board of health, of which he became president later. In December of 1928 construction of Rachel and Egil’s new home on Summit Avenue began, and they moved into the house in 1930.