Charles Schuneman House 275 Summit Avenue

When the former house on the site of 275 Summit Avenue burned on February 8th, 1895, it was replaced by a new home in 1901. The previous mansion, a large brick structure, was built by Joseph Oppenheim in 1880, and was valued at $40,000 in 1895. The fire took place in the early morning while the family was asleep, but all survived.

The new house was built by Charles and Shuneman, a Saint Paul businessman. Schuneman was born on April 30th, 1850 in Hamburg Germany, and immigrated to the United States with his family in 1860. He began his career in the 1870’s in the dry goods business, and in the 1888, founded the Schuneman and Evans department store. He was married to Allice Mayo on February 9th, 1887, and in 1901 they moved from their home on Portland Avenue to their new mansion on Summit Avenue.

Charles and Allice’s 25 room house was built at a cost of $18,000 and was designed by famous local architect Clarence H. Johnston in the Medieval Rectilinear style. At one time it was divided into 12 apartments, but is now used for events.