Sherburne Avenue, Rice to Dale

Sherburne Avenue between Rice and Dale streets has many older homes and converted neighborhood commercial buildings, some with unique details including ornate brickwork, towers, gingerbread trim, spooncarved details, turrets, bay windows and rounded windows. A wide range of architectural styles can be seen.

Although some houses have been lost to University Avenue business encroachment, many interesting homes remain. One example is 233 Sherburne Ave. Built in 1894 the Colonial style dwelling is known as the N.J. Sonner House. It was built as a single-family home but was later divided into multiple units.

Also note the William Andres House (259 Sherburne Ave.), the Louisa Ramaley House (277 Sherburne Ave.), the Skuhlman and Timm house (419 Sherburne Ave.) and the Ferdinand Schaubschaeger House (538 Sherburne Ave.)

Further down, at 566 and 568 Sherburne Ave. are two Victorian homes with much of their porch detail intact, at 566 Sherburne (Herman Maas House) and 568 Sherburne Ave. Note how close these houses are. Frogtown residential lots are often tiny, so builders tried to get as much structure onto the lot as they could.