Agudas Achim Synagogue

The Agudas Achim Synagogue was founded by members of the Congregation of the Russian Brotherhood, though the locations and date of closure are not certain. It seems, however, that this building was in use by 1909.

There were two addresses sometimes used for each - the 202 Fairfield and an earlier address of 282-4 Texas St. In any case, the 1904 uses the 202 Fairfield address.

There is little information about the connections between the two synagogues, so the contradictions remain mysterious.

The building at 202 E. Fairfield was one of the few synagogues left standing into the 1950s. Built of brick, it had large central metal dome, with ornamentation at each end of the front gables, with two large columns flanking a central entrance door at the top of the stairs.

A survey prepared in advance of the 1960 Riverview Industrial Project notes that the building was then in excellent condition.