Kinney - Weed House 261 Summit Avenue

The house at 261 Summit was built in 1891 for H. W. Kinney. Constructed of limestone, the total cost of the house was around $14,000. It was designed by local architect Clarence Johnston and it is Neo-Gothic in style, with its arched window on the front peaked gable and its castellated bay. Records indicate that the Kinney family did not stay in the house for more than two years, and it was sold to James and Agnes Weed in 1893.

James Henry Weed was born on July 31st, 1845 in New York. He came to Saint Paul in the 1860’s, and worked as a fire insurance agent. Here he met Agnes J. Curtis and married her on June 24th, 1868. Together they had five children. By the 1880’s, James was a partner in the firm of “Weed and Lawrence”, an insurance company, with John J. Lawrence. In the 1890’s he formed the insurance and loan firm of “Weed and Parker Bros” with partners John J. and Percy W. Parker. James lived with his wife Agnes at 261 Summit Avenue, until she died on October 26th, 1926. James lived in the home until his death on January 24th, 1929. The family then sold the home to the Catholic Church and it became the Saint Albertus Hall of Sisters, but today is a private residence.