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Meet a 3Mer and you will often find that he or she has family members who also work at 3M, part of a long 3M tradition.

Otto Meissner was a prime example. Living at 668 Greenbrier, he did not have far to go when he started work in the abrasives converting department in 1943 as part of the war effort. He was 65 at the time and continued at 3M for another ten years.

His niece Hulda Meissner worked in the ProFab Lab as part of the group developing ribbons and non-woven fabric. His nephew John was employed in the machine shop. A son-in-law Siv Bertozzi worked in engineering. Other nephews, Fred and George, and nieces, Ann, Elsie, and Elaine, also worked at 3M.

Marriages between 3M employees were a regular event, and regularly reported in the 3M Megaphone.

Family: Arne Melin, bookkeeping department, married Dorothy Wille in the statistical department. Two of their daughters Gene and Yvonne also went to work at 3M.

Father and Daughter: Delphine Zeuli, tape division secretary; James Zeuli, tape coating department.

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