Koehler and Hinrichs Company

(Stevens Building)

- 235-37 East Sixth Street (at Wacouta) -
- 1891, J. Walter Stevens -

Koehler and Hinrichs established a wholesale house for butchers' and meat packers' supplies at Fourth and Saint Peter streets in 1884. This Sixth Street location offered better access to railyards. By 1901, they had outgrown this building and moved to 255 East Kellogg. Many Lowertown wholesalers followed similar relocation patterns as railroad development expanded their markets.

- Profiles in Prosperity -
Celestia Gilbert, Alice Jackson, and Carol Currie: Women as well as men recognized the profit potential of investing in construction in Lowertown. Celestia Gilbert, Alice Jackson, and Carol Currie owned adjacent buildings (Konantz Saddlery Company Building, and Koehler & Hinrichs Company Building), which they rented to wholesale firms.


Koehler & Hinrichs

Koehler & Hinrichs

- 255-265 East Kellogg - By 1901, the Koehler and Hinrichs Company had outgrown their building at East Sixth Street and Wacouta and moved to East Kellogg. Photographer: Charles P. Gibson Date: Approximately 1902 Image courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society View File Details Page

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